WWE Monday Night Raw Is A Blast!




WWE Monday Night Raw

Having boys has been a highlight of motherhood for me. I love going to their soccer, tennis and baseball games and I love it when their friends come over to hang out or spend the night. They are so much fun and they make me feel young! So when my boys ages 12 and 8 expressed an interest is seeing a WWE match for the first time I couldn’t wait to take them!

The night we attended was a Monday Night Raw At the Honda Center. I have been to a plethora of events at this venue and never have I seen a crowd like I did this night. It was insane!!!  Who knew people were so serious about their wrestling?? There were so many people with signs and there were even little kids with giant wrestling championship belts. No joke, there was not an empty seat in the house. I have never seen the Honda center packed like that before. And the enthusiasm? Holy smokes! People were cheering and shouting and yelling it was AWESOME!!!!


The show started out with Hulk Hogan, a favorite, coming out to sit on the panel. I used to watch Hulk when I was little and they guy looks exactly the same. It’s like he doesn’t age. Some of the other contenders were: Sheamus, The Uso Brothers, Brock Lesnar, Dolph Zigglaer and more.


Then John Cena came out to talk a bit of smack and the crowd went crazy! Including my boys.


Then the wrestling started and it was EPIC. There were guys jumping off ropes, putting each other in head locks, pretty women circling the ring and referees smack in the middle of it all.

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Then the girls came out to play… What a riot! I have never seen so much hair pulling and name hurling in my life! I was laughing so much and just having a blast.


They had so much going on in between matches that we didn’t want to leave our seats for fear of missing something. Of course we did though, because I cannot resist chili cheese nachos, but I digress. All of the performers were really interactive and they had some great double teams with hilarious costumes!

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I have to say I am slightly embarrassed that I enjoyed my self as much as I did but I love going to the Honda Center with my family and seeing how much they enjoy themselves.  As far as family events I ‘d have to say this is something you should definitely experience, simply for the entertainment value. We cannot wait to go back!!!!

For more information visit WWE Raw or check out their Facebook and Twitter Pages.

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