Covid-19 Activities And Resource Guide For Families

With the announcement of so many schools closing for weeks at time I am sure a lot of families are scrambling right now. Not only for child care, food, and necessities but a lot of us moms are also stressing at the fact that we need to entertain, teach and occupy our kids for a big chunk of time.  Here is a family friendly activity and resource guide for those affected by Covid-19

Things To Do While Kids Are At Home

  1. Paint on canvas
  2. Build a fort
  3. Face paint
  4. Bake
  5. Play board games
  6. Do a puzzle
  7. Play with Playdoh
  8. Coloring books
  9. Glow baths (put glow bracelets in the tub
  10. marble painting
  11. make a board game
  12. worksheets,
  13. hide and seek
  14. lego building
  15. Dance party with videos from YouTube,
  16. Just Dance on the Switch
  17. cooking (put kids to chop they love it),
  18. movie marathons
  19. play outside
  20. practice your sport
  21. Zumba videos
  22. organize the kitchen
  23. Chalk art
  24. Plant flowers
  25. Draw with shaving cream on a table/tray
  26. Puppet Show
  27. Teach kids how to do laundry
  28. Lego
  29. Play a game of tag
  30. Make tie-dye shirts
  31. Play with Kinetic sand
  32. Play with stamps
  33.  Make a card for one of your friends or family members to mail to them
  34. Puddle jump
  35. Learn how to use Tik Tok
  36. Take a Virtual Tour of a museum from your couch
  37. Do word searches.
  38. Card games
  39. Make a joke book
  40. Create in n-house escape room
  41. Make Slime
  42. Go on a hike
  43. Find a Pen Pal – Join and start writing your new best friend!
  44. Balloon Tennis
  45. Make a Bird Feeder from a toilet paper roll
  46. Learn Origami and use cute paper.
  47. Marshmallow and Toothpick Challenge
  48. Indoor Hopscotch with Masking Tape
  49. DIY photo session – Pull out that DSLR you haven’t used in ages and have yourself a good ol fashioned photo shoot. Dress up, find props around the house, learn how to edit photos.
  50. Try the Rainbow Magic Skittles Trick. It is super fun to watch!

Educational Companies offering FREE subscriptions

Free Subscription Companies 

Free Learn At Home Resources

Groups to Join for Amazing Educational Resources

Amazing Educational Resources

Educator Temporary School Closure for Online Learning

Online Learning Websites For Kids
TIME for Kids
National Geographic Kids
The Kidz Page
How Stuff Works
Fun Brain
Nick Jr.
Highlights for Kids
Learning Games for Kids
Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids

Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls

We all know it is impossible to find TP right now, so for those of you in an abundance of cardboard rolls here are some fun crafts you can make with all of those extra rolls:

Red Ted Art
Fave Crafts
Crafting a Green World
Fabulessly Frugal
Crazy Laura
Happy Hooligans
Easy Peasy and Fun
The best Ideas For Kids

Fun Cooking Recipes To Make With Kids

Share some bonding time with the kids and teach them the magic of cooking. Not only will you be creating new memoris but you will be encouraing your kids to try new things. Plus learning to cook is a lifelong skill that will carry them far into adulthood.

Recipes From Tasty

Recipes From Delish

Recipes From Food Network

Recipes From a Taste of Home

Recipes From County Living

Recipes From Forkly


Daily Schedule Sample


Restaurants Offering FREE Delivery and Those With Drive-Thru’s

Although many will disagree that eating out is not following social distancing and there is a slight increased risk, many people will still choose to eat out, especially with the grocery food shortages. Here are two fast casual restaurants offering fee delivery right now as well as ones that are currently practicing Drive -Thru only.

Grocery Delivery Options

Online grocery Shopping is a god way to practice social distancing.It saves you time and effort plaus you won’t have to fight the crowds and you will be asking yourself why you hadn’t started sooner. Here are a few stores that deliver groceries:


Social Distancing Tips

Netflix Challenge For Teens

Kelsey In London has some really great templates and she came up with the great one for a Netflix Challenge. I have an almost 18 year old teen in my house and this will be perfect for him.

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