Bold Girlz SuperHero Etiquette Class

Consideration provided by Bold Girlz and Union Market Restaurants.

Inspiring a lifetime of confidence and success in my children is something I always strive for as a mom. When I found out I was having a daughter, I couldn’t wait to teach her all of the girly things I knew. Ironically, I heard recently that Bold Girlz, a local party place offering fashion themed parties in Mission Viejo, was offering a manners and etiquette.  Excited to find out what it was all about, we headed over with an open mind and a super cute outfit!

Table Etiquette

One of the topics the girls will learn about in the superheros etiquette class is table manners. Basic table manners are so easy to learn and teach and teen girls on the staff do the training. They are young, peppy, fun and full of energy. Young girls really look up to them and want to be like them so the kids all paid really close attention in the class. Your daughter will learn how to cut her food properly, how to switch hands, which way to place their silverware when they are done eating and so much more.

The Proper Way To Shake Hands and Use Eye Contact


Eye contact, voice modulation and hand shaking are also taught in this wonderful class. One of the main girls teaching the class will walk around the room meeting everyone and using different voice inflections,  poor eye contact and limp handshakes to demonstrate how not to greet someone. Then they give the girls the right example and have everyone practice. My daughter was practicing the things she learned  at home that evening.

How To Sit Like A Lady

I can’t tell you how many times I have told my daughter to cross/close her legs and make sure she is wearing playground shorts under her skirts and dresses. At BoldGirlz, they will teach your little one how to sit properly and like a lady. They discuss, posture, how to sit, how to cross your legs, arm placement and more. All the girls in the class were so cute trying to perfect their perfect lady sitting and standing positions.

Shop Bold Girlz


It wasn’t until just last week that I knew what the name Bold Girlz stood for. The Acronym means, brave, Original, Loving and Daring. I can easily stand behind that and I would love for my daughter to represent that as well. Fortunately, Bold Girlz has a cute store where you can buy their creations. You’ll find T-shirts, Dresses, hats, skirts and more!

Dine At Union Market

After our class, we headed to the new Union Market on the same level as Bold Girlz.  Wow, what a fun place to hang out. They have ping-pong tables, lots of seating and a view that goes for miles. Whether you are there to dine, drink, shop or just spend time with friends, you will find all kinds of fun ways to spend your time  at the Market.

We dined at a place called Hummus Bowl and I was thoroughly impressed. Hummus Bowl is all about homemade sprouted hummus served with mouth-watering toppings, scooped to your own individual bowl. They focus on health, taste,  freshness & simplicity. Be sure to order a side of taro chips because they are a delicious way to scoop up the hummus.

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