Weird and Trending Halloween Searches

Halloween is scary, spooky, fun and even weird.  Here are some strange Statistics about Halloween:

  • Generation Y counts Halloween as 4th favorite holiday (after Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s); Seniors rank it last, in 8th place.
  •  33% of seniors dislike Halloween so much that they opt to turn out their porch lights and go out to dinner.
  •  4/5 of shoppers plan to celebrate Halloween (30% with gusto, 49% in a smaller way).
  • 38% will be putting on a costume, while 15% won’t wear one but will put one on their kid.
  • Someone out there is dressing up as Slutty Bacon for Halloween.
  • 70% will spend at least $25 on Halloween costumes; 85% will spend at least $10 on candy.

I realize this image is hard to read but if you click on it twice then it should become bigger. Check out some of the trending Halloween Searches going on.


Statistic reported by Tada ( Do you have any weird Halloween comments to share?

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