Tips For Parents Of New Teen Drivers

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Tips For Parents Of New Teen Drivers

I am exactly 19 days away from my son getting his drivers permit. I don’t know whether I am nervous or excited, but I do know I am prepared! I have done a lot of research since the driving rules and regulations have drastically changed from when I was a teen and I want to be sure we are giving our son every opportunity to succeed on the road and in life. Here are some tips for parents on new teen drivers:

Start of with small trips – Even though your teen will have had some practice with a professional, in the beginning it’s probably best you practice no less then five miles away – to build up their confidence. Wide open parking lots are the best because there are usually not many cars if any around./

Provide a safe car – Make sure the car your teen will be practicing in is easy to maneuver, with airbags and good tires. If you are thinking of buying a car I highly recommend the site You can research cars by body style or by brand. Please you can see the used cars for sale near you. The site will tell you if it is a good deal, a great deal, a fair price or no deal at all.  It will also tell you if there has been a price drop.

Prepare Your Teen for emergencies – Make sure your teen knows exactly what to do in the event of an accident. Unfortunately accidents do happen but does your teen know the steps to take if they ever get in one? Panic often sets in so be sure your teen knows what to do and who to call. Always be sure they carry their registration with them too. It also couldn’t hurt to have them carry a first aid kit and a flashlight + batteries in the car.

Download a text block app – We all know how tempting it is to answer that text. And even though it’s illegal adults and teens still do it. Download an app that will block your child’s texts on their phone while driving. Most apps can notify a parent or guardian when the phone is in use and if the driver shuts off the app while on the road.

Blogger Tip: Did you know has an entire video section of  DIY repairs?  You can learn how to change your own oil, how to jump a car, how to replace windshield wipers, how to replace tires, how to check tire pressure and eve how to change transmission fluid. They also offer car seat safety checks!

Video- How To Find Your VIN number

Do you have any Teen Driver Tips you can add?


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