Spoil Yourself With A VIP Experience At Odysseo

Recently I attended the VIP experience during social media night at Odysseo. It was such a fun evening and I was so honored to be there. If you haven’t seen the show yet, I highly recommend booking this experience as you will get to witness things behind the scenes others don’t see. Like viewing the stables, seeing the stage from the actors point of view, and dining on a delicious buffet with  desserts at intermission.

The Food

Grasshopper Pie-20

Everything started with a delicious buffet. there were a variety of foods such a these stuffed grape leaves, hummus, crackers beef kabobs, poke, etc…

Grasshopper Pie-21

There was also a plate full of salmon and shrimp, all the wine, bubbly and beer you want, cold bottled water, popcorn and more. During the 30 minute intermission guests are allowed back in the tent for cookies, brownies cakes and more.

The Horses

Candy Cars-7

After the show, guests get a private tour of the stables and the arena that they practice in. The horses are so calm and gentle.

The Stage

Grasshopper Pie-23

We also got to walk up the giant hill that the horses and actors come down . What an amazing view. It was so neat to see what the actors see as opposed to what we, the guests see.

Grasshopper Pie-22

On the way out we also caught a glimpse of the room where the actors practice their routines and where they exercise daily.

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