Snoopy Sandwich Board


As you know I am a die hard Knott’s Berry Farm fan. I  have been so impressed with their foodie events I wanted to make something fun in anticipation of the Taste of Fall-O-Ween. One of my kids favorite things to eat is “meat and cheese” — a.k.a. a simple charcuterie consisting of various deli meats, cheeses, and fruits. Recently I bought a snoopy cookie cutter and made a sandwich board that my kids could graze from.  It only requires a few easy ingredients that I have listed below:


  1. Use the cookie cutter to cut snoopy shapes out of the bread
  2. Repeat with Cheese
  3. Repeat with Deli Meat
  4. Add in some crackers
  5. Add your favorite fruits, veggies and nuts.

Other Ideas To Make With The Snoopy Cookie Cutter

  • Shaped fruit
  • Toast with Jam – cut out a shape in the bread then top with butter and jam or honey or whatever spread your kids find yummy.
  • Snoopy shaped pepperoni for a pizza
  • Snoopy Shaped Marshmallows

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