Join Pete the Cat’s Magic Sunglasses Blog Tour + Giveaway

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Join Pete the Cat’s Magic Sunglasses Blog Tour

Have you ever heard of the company “Put me In The Story“? They create fun books for children with popular characters and you can have your child’s name inserted into the story. Most recently, the popular and cool feline “Pete The Cat has a new story out called  Pete The Cat and “your child’s name” Magic Sunglasses. It a super cute story about  Pete having a bad day and his friends give him these magical sunglasses that make everything sunny and bright. But one day the glasses break and Pete realizes he doesn’t need the sunglasses after all to have a good day! It is really a cute moral to the story.

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Here are some sample of the book! Your child’s name and picture will appear various times throughout the story.

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My daughter LOVED seeing herself and got so excited hearing her name. She kept asking me how they got her name into the book! The colors are vibrant and the words are easy to read.



She even has a special cat mask that she wears when she reads the book! I love how she pretends to be Pete The cat whenever she wears my sunglasses. This book is great for imaginative play.

Win a Pete The Cat Gift Bag

Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway to win a #MagicSunglasses Gift Bag

#Magic Sunglasses Gift Bag Includes:

  • Personalized Pete the Cat Rock On Tote Bag
  • Personalized copy of Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses
  • + 2 personalized books of winner’s choice from Put Me In The Story

Enter via the Rafflecopter by doing any of the following:

  • Sharing your Sunglass Selfie! Share a selfie of you and your child wearing sunglasses with the hashtag #MagicSunglasses
  • Sharing a Tweet
  • Signing up for Put Me In The Story’s newsletter

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