Valentine Peeps!! They’re back!! Hooray!!!

Review of Valentines Peeps

One of my most favorite things in the whole wide world are back! Valentine Peeps people!! They’re here and they are awesome!!! This year they have several different delicious flavors to choose from.


Peep Flavors

We will start off with Strawberry Creme and Vanilla Creme. Strawberry flavor is my most favorite flavor in the world and these do not disappoint!  They are not too strong and as you bite into the fluffy pillow of yumminess you get the subtle hint of Strawberry. Not to overpowering at all. And if you are a lover of Vanilla flavor then you will love the Vanilla Creme. The decadent softness combined with the light vanilla flavor is fantastic!


And who doesn’t love chocolate mousse? These little Teddy Bears are lightly flavored with a hint of chocolate mouse which will satisfy your chocolate craving. Women love chocolate, so men…..don’t forget to include these delicious bites in with her gift!


Speaking of chocolate, what about the chocolate dipped strawberry creme flavored chicks? This one happens to be my favorite out of all the ones I tried. The fluffy lightly flavored chicks with just the bottoms dipped in chocolate. The perfect combination! And lets not forget the completely covered in chocolate Raspberry flavored hearts. Now these are the only ones that I feel are not really Peeps…I mean don’t get me wrong…they are fantastic! I could eat a dozen, (and I almost did!) but the consistency of the marshmallow inside is a little more dense then a regular peep. Even though this is different from a regular Peep it is still delicious!


Then we have the tried and true original Peep in a cute bright pink heart shape. For those Peep purists these are the ones to get!


Last but not least they have introduced a sugar-free Peep. These Peeps are the original flavor sweetened with Splenda. It makes for a delicious, healthier alternative to the traditional Valentine’s candy. So whatever your desire this Valentine’s day go treat yourself and get some Peeps! You deserve it!

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