National “Put Something on a Stick Day March 28th

Mandarin Orange Chicken Dippers 5 (2)credit:Krazy Cruizine


Did you know that National “Put Something on a Stick Day” is Monday, March 28? Yup, so how about some delicious asian-style recipe ideas.Toothpicks and skewers make bite-sized foods easy-to-consume with little effort or mess. Here are three easy recipes to make:

Mandarin Orange Chicken Dippers – Use a toothpick to grab these lightly battered and glazed Mandarin Orange Chicken bites. Dip in delicately-sweet Mandarin orange sauce for a burst of flavor!

Sweet Chili Chicken Wrapscredit:Krazy Cruizine


Sweet-Chili Chicken Wraps –Wrap your mini tortillas over these lightly battered chicken breasts and add your favorite veggies. Dip in sweet and spicy sauce for a delicious kick!

Teriyaki Chicken Kebabs (2) credit:Krazy Cruizine


Teriyaki Chicken Skewers – Fire up the stovetop and grab your skewers! Simply alternate the tangy chicken pieces with your favorite veggies for a delicious easy-to-bite appetizer!

These quick and enjoyable recipes are made with Crazy Cuizine, a line of restaurant-quality chicken, beef and pork entrees and appetizers made in 18 minutes or less, made with no preservatives, trans-fat or added MSG – and locally sold in  Orange County at Safeway, Vons, Food for Less, Costco and more!

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