Coconut Water and Caribbean Rum = Malibu Rum Sparklers


Being thar I am allergic to wine and don’t drink it, I am often looking for different cocktails that spark my interest. Recently I found one called a Malibu Rum Sparkler.

Malibu Rum Sparklers are the newest product innovation announced today that combines the much-loved Malibu with coconut water, and infuses them with refreshing bubbles. With a pop of the cork, Malibu Rum Sparkler gives party people everywhere yet another reason to get together and enjoy life’s everyday moments with a unique sparkling and refreshing cocktail. Whether it is a job promotion, weekend get-together with friends or impromptu day-off from work, Malibu Rum Sparkler gives you permission to simply pop and enjoy the party. Malibu Rum Sparkler is bottled in both coconut and peach flavors and is available now at retailers nationwide.

Below are some yummy recipes.

Pop-Worthy Malibu Rum Sparkler Signature Cocktails



Beach Bubbles

3 parts Malibu Rum Sparkler

1 part pineapple juice

¼ part simple syrup

Dash fresh lime juice

Build in a chilled flute glass. No garnish.


Pool Party

3 parts Malibu Peach Sparkler

1 part orange juice

¼ part simple syrup (optional)

Build in a chilled flute glass. Garnish with an orange zest.


Malibu Rum Sparkler (11% alc. / vol., 22 proof) is available in 750ml for a suggested retail price of $16.99 in both coconut and peach flavors. To learn more about Malibu Rum Sparkler, other Malibu products and to get exclusive content head over to Malibu’s Facebook page at

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