Review: Lumi Dough -The Dough That Glows

lumiDisclaimer: I received a complimentary Lumi Dough in order to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

While I don’t live on the east coast, many of my friends do and I have seen all over facebook that they have had a very long winter. Lots of snow and cold weather means lots of time indoors. So what do you do when you are stuck indoors besides play video games? You play with Lumi Dough. What is Lumi dough you ask? I’ll tell you. Lumi Dough is a moldable glow-in-the-dark silicone that never dries out and makes no mess. This tactile toy allows kids to be creative and unplug from technology!

Lumi Dough

lumi dough

Each Lumi Dough set includes:

  • 5 Glowing Colors (clear, green, pink, purple and blue)
  • Bonus Black Dough
  • Free playmat
  • Free downloadable guide
  • Free star shape cut outs
  • Free non stick baking sheet

My kids had a blast creating cute little shapes. We used the star shape cut outs it came with and then we pulled out some of our cookie cutters that we use just for play dough. What I love about lumi dough is there is virtually no mess. It doesn’t crumble and it doesn’t dry out. It is also really pliable so we were able to bend, twist and shape nearly anything we wanted.

A few other perks is that Lumi Dough is Non-toxic, antibacterial & washable so when my daughter smooshes  it onto the floor and it gets covered in dog hair I can just rinse it under the water. So easy!

lumi dough2

We you are finished creating your masterpiece then you can bake it and it will stay glowing and bendable forever! This is a great product that will keep your kids entertained for a long time and it encourages them to use their imagination. That is a total win in my book.

For more information visit They are running a promotion for buy one get one free!

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21 thoughts on “Review: Lumi Dough -The Dough That Glows”

  1. This is so cute and a “no mess” which is very important to me. I stopped buying my kiddos the dough because of the messed. I have not heard about the glow in the dark, this is really new and exciting.

    • After seeing a review of Lumi Dough on my local affiliate as to Does It Really Work, I became curious about what Lumi Dough actually feels like when it is baked, so I emailed them at www. Although the ad claims that Lumi Dough would get hard when it is baked while the ad claims that it is “bendable forever,” the senior customer service finally answered my question. He said that it depends on the thickness of the dough when it is baked. if it is thin, it will be bendable while if it is rolled thicker, it would be less bendable or even rigid. I think your daughter would love it for Christmas or her birthday. So try writing to if you have any questions about Lumi Dough or any of their products.

  2. I really need this magic, no mess dough. My daughter’s been crazy about playing with dough lately, all around the house. We’d find dough in every little corner.

  3. Oh my! The kids at school would go batty for this! They love ANYTHING that glows in the dark. My most popular prize items are glow in the dark bouncing balls so I can only imagine how much they would love these!


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