Live Reindeer Cam and Reindeer Facts

reindeerCredit: Como Park Zoo

Animal Planet has a live Reindeer cam streaming from Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in Minneapolis. Have a look:

If there are no Reindeers keep checking back or look at the highlights from previous sighting during the week here:

Fun Reindeer Facts

  • Reindeer are the only deer species in which both males and females grow antlers.
  • Male reindeer shed their antlers every winter. Pregnant females will keep their antlers until they give birth in the spring.
  • Reindeer can live for up to 20 years.
  • Male reindeer generally weigh between 220 and 700 pounds. Females weigh between 130 and 370.
  • Reindeer have a great sense of smell and use it to find food buried up to three feet underneath snow.

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