Little By Little – Children’s Book Review + Giveaway

Books are quiet and make a wonderful companion. They are easily accessible and can lift you out of your life into a whole new world. They give you new perspectives and stimulate your brain. So, I love it when my kids find a good book that they cannot put down.

Just recently I was asked by the company Kids at Switch to review a book by Adeline Tong & Jamie Lee. It was called “Little by Little”. This cute and whimsical book is a story about Hubert the turtle who has to sell his shell after he spends all his money on things he doesn’t need. Six year old Adeline Tong is the brain behind this creation and she did a fantastic job of story telling. The photography is this book is simply precious. Hubert is a clay turtle with pink spots on his shell and he is captured cruising along in a grocery store, playing on a computer, and playing with his friends,  all the while learning lessons along the way.

The moral behind the story is clear and concise: Little by Little, a Little can become a lot. My 2 year old and my 6 year old had a lot of fun reading this story. They understood that Hubert spent too much money on frivolous things and when he realized he had no money left he had to sell his most precious item, his home.

My kids and I talked about some examples of when we spent money on things that we didn’t necessarily need but that we wanted, and how sometimes we need to think twice about our choices. It made for some great conversation and some good laughs too!

If you would like some more information on Kids at Switch  you can find them on Facebook or on Twitter.

The mission behind Kids At Switch is to not only foster financial literacy in kids, but to do so in a way which translates their instinctual passion and sense of play into a sense of unshakeable purpose.

Enter my giveaway below today for a chance to win a copy of “Little by Little”.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Little by Little for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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