10 Grilling Essentials From Pennyful.com

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is Grill. Whether it’s in my backyard, or a campground, or by the pool nothing makes it feel more like summer than a good ol’ BBQ. Give me some steak,chicken, and veggies and I’ll make you a meal that will have you asking for seconds.


Recently while shopping for grilling stuff I came across this new website that allows me to earn cash back when I purchase items from their 1500+ partner retailers (Sony, Macy’s, Adidas and Fandango are just a few). It’s called Pennyful.com and was founded by Ravi Yadalam. Pennyful.com also allows online shoppers to compare products, find sales and coupons, and make every penny count. 


Through July 4th, when shoppers purchase any of the below 10 items through Pennyful’s portal, Pennyful will donate the proceeds they receive from each respective retailer to the YMCA. Shoppers will also win, receiving cash back rewards for making their purchases through Pennyful.

Top 10 Grilling Essentials for Building a Communal Table this Summer f
rom Ravitej Yadalam, CEO & Founder of Pennyful.com:

1.  Weber One Touch Silver Charcoal Grill from Target – The ultimate grill for BBQs both big and small.


2.  Salt and Pepper Sampler from Orvis – It reasons to season your burgers, steaks and chicken with plenty of salt and pepper before it even touches the grill. I love this sampler that offers four different types of each.


3.  Sweet Baby BBQ Sauce from Soap.com – Meat, meet your new best friend, the fastest growing BBQ sauce in America.


4.  Ladder Ball Game Set from Meijer.com – What’s a BBQ without lawn games?  Get the party started with a friendly game of ladder golf (water hazards not included).


5. Croquet Set from Sears – Keep the competitive spirit alive with croquet, a timeless party game classic that is synonymous with summer BBQs.


6. Iced Tea Maker from Macy’s – The perfect way to stay cool and hydrated on a warm summer day.


7. Bamboo Tiki Lights from Walmart – Deck out your yard with tiki lights to keep the party going all night long.


8. Pizza Stone with Stainless Steel Frame from Sur La Table – Not all BBQs have to begin and end with burgers – I love this pizza stone for making pies right on the grill.



9. Plastic Wine Glasses from Rakuten.com – A must-have item for any outdoor party that is often overlooked.


10. Cintronella Candles from Linens ‘N Things – Keep the bugs away and the guests will stay!

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