Would you spend 100k to Look Like Justin Beiber?


How far would you go to look exactly like your favorite Celebrity? Would you change your hair? Change your clothes? Get Plastic Surgery?

While most people are buzzing about Justin Bieber’s unfortunate situation right now, Toby, who is featured on Wednesday’s season finale of TLC’s My Strange Addiction, strives to look EXACTLY like Justin and has spent over $100k on plastic surgery to achieve his dream look.

Thirty-three-year-old Toby has spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery to transform himself into the perfect Doppelganger of Justin Bieber. Toby’s loved ones think it’s time to give up his obsession before he turns into a plastic surgery nightmare. Will Toby agree to quit or will Bieber fever keep him coming back for more? And 22-year-old Brittoni has been addicted to eating makeup for twelve years. Her addiction is so intense, she goes through up to 50 containers a week and finishes an entire palate of eye shadow in one sitting. Will an ultimatum from Brittoni’s boyfriend convince her it’s time to give up makeup before he says goodbye?

Below is a sneek peek



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