Give The Gift Of Relaxation This Mother’s Day



If someone were to ask me right now what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I would tell them a Massage. There is just something about the human touch that I crave, plus relaxing for 50 minutes while someone soothes my achy muscles is pretty much the best treat for me these days. It’s been a pretty rough few months and the idea of feeling rejuvenated sends chills down my spine.

Fortunately I live close to Burke Williams, the best Spa Around, in my opinion. This Mother’s Day they are offering three special Gift Card Packages to celebrate Mother’s Day and pamper the women in your life with a rejuvenating spa day. Each exclusive package includes the all-new Passion Fruit and Agave Pedicure, a nourishing pedicure that’s paired with a selection of Burke Williams signature services.

Before you indulge in a service, you can use the facilities spa, steam room, quiet room and showers if you arrive before your appointment. Otherwise you can use them after your appointment. I prefer to do both because I like to unwind first, then then shower after. There are even disposable razors and shaving cream for you if you choose to use them.


Mother’s Day Relaxation Packages at Burke Williams

Give the gift of renewal this Mother’s Day with the “Relax,” “Escape,” and “For Two: A Special Mother / Daughter Experience” Gift Card Packages. Each package includes the Passion Fruit and Agave Pedi, which uses Passion Fruit and Blue Agave Sugar Scrub to exfoliate, Honey Heel Glaze to nourish the skin, and Passion Fruit and Agave body soufflé to hydrate. Each package is offered at an incredible value, and packages are available now and vary slightly per spa location.

Moms will “Relax” with the Passion Fruit and Agave Pedicure with her choice of a 50-minute Pure Relaxation Massage -or- Spa Style facial starting at just $149 ($189 value or higher). “Escape” with a Passion Fruit and Agave Pedicure, a 50-minute Pure Relaxation Massage -and- a 50-minute Spa Style facial all starting at $249 ($308 value or higher). “For Two: A Special Mother / Daughter Experience” welcomes mothers and daughters to share in a relaxing experience and enjoy the nourishing Passion Fruit and Agave Pedicure with their choice of a 50-minute Pure Relaxation Massage -or- a 50-minute Spa Style facial for just $299 ($378 value).

Special Occasions

Be sure to tell your therapist about any special occasions you might be celebrating. I was celebrating my 18th wedding anniversary and they brought out this elaborate fruit platter for myself and my friends to enjoy. Isn’t it cute?

Tips when Visiting Burke Williams

  • Bring a swim suit if you do not  want to soak in the nude. I’d say it’s about a 50/50 split between those who wear suits and those who do not.
  • Keep your voices low at the spa.
  • They offer showers with shampoo/conditioner and fully stocked vanities with sanitized brushes, blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons. So don’t panic if your forget anything.
  • If you’re bringing a change of clothes request one of our tall lockers, which offer additional horizontal space to hang your post spa outfit.
  • Consider bringing a favorite book or magazine to read in the quiet room or lounge while sipping on fruit infused water.

**Guests must be 18 years of age to enjoy a massage. Pedicure services are not available at the Mission Viejo spa and will be substituted with a 25-minute Salt or Sugar Glo for the Mother’s Day packages. Package pricing can vary per spa location.

 Mother’s Day packages are available now through May 14. Visit a Burke Williams spa location near you or online at for gift cards and reservations by location. Go beyond the spa with Burke Williams this Mother’s Day.

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