5 Reasons To Give The Gift Of Music

Do you know someone that has a guitar but doesn’t know how to play? Maybe you have a kid that really wants to learn how to play. Finding good music lessons can be hard! Making time to actually practice can be even harder. I have the perfect solution that will make an excellent holiday gift.

The Music Vault Academy, the leading family-owned and operated music school in Laguna Hills CA, is pleased to to celebrate another year of music. Whether you’re shopping for a colleague, a friend, Secret Santa, your boss, or a family member, there’s no doubt that they’ll love to receive music lessons from The Music Vault.

Here are 12 reasons to give the gift of Music!

  1. You’ll save on wrapping paper and shipping costs.
  2. Music Lessons help develop coordination and motor skills.
  3. Early childhood music classes enhance a child’s development in every area.
  4. Music makes kids smarter – the research proves it!
  5. Music classes, especially inspire lots of together time and bonding.
  6. Music improves academics. Studies show that math and music are related. To understand beat, rhythm, and scales, children are learning to divide and recognize patterns. Teaching kids a musical instrument is also the beginnings of basic physics.
  7. The Music Vault Academy is a place where children of all ages, all temperaments, and all learning styles can flourish.
  8. You’ll give that special person in your life something to look forward to each week in class/lessons
  9. Music teaches discipline and patience. Practice makes perfect.
  10. No re-gifting. Seriously, no one is going to turn down music lessons! They’ll LOVE it!
  11. Lessons at The Music Vault Academy will build confidence in  children and adults by performing in student showcases.
  12. It’s a lasting, memorable gift that will put a song in their hearts and a smile on their faces.

For more information visit The Music Vault Academy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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