It’s About Time Life Was Fresh And Easy

Thank You To Fresh & Easy for sponsoring this post and keeping my meals quick and healthy!


Meal time in my house is a complicated event. My husband and older son eat completely gluten-free and myself and my other two kids do not. Often times we eat totally different meals so my husband does a lot of the cooking. However on the nights that we all dine together I try to make a meal that we can all enjoy together. That is where the store fresh and easy comes into play. They are right near my house so I can run in there while I am doing errands and grab a Fresh and Easy pre-prepared and healthy meal that my whole family will enjoy. Easy and quick meal solutions are high on my priority list.

Fresh & Easy thinks that fresh, wholesome food should be accessible and affordable to everyone. They offer a range of their own brand products and freshly prepared meals, in addition to other favorite top name brands.

Among many other things, Fresh & Easy offers:

  • Fresh bread, fresh meat, fresh fish / Daily deliveries
  • Meal solutions for the time-starved or those who don’t know how or don’t like to cook (Ready to Cook & Kitchen To Go)
  • If it has the Fresh & Easy name on it, it’s guaranteed to be free from artificial colors and flavors, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup or any other hidden nasties that are out there.
  • Stores are smarter and smaller. They have everything you need without any of the stuff you don’t. Their self-checkouts get you in and out quickly. But they also have friendly staff to help if you need a hand.
  • Feature Wild Oats Organics – the first and only USDA certified organic to-go salads and sandwiches!

This trip I grabbed a seasoned Lemon and Herb chicken, a bag of lettuce and some corn on the cobb. Everything was ready to go! The chicken was pre-seasoned, the corn was nearly shucked and the bag of lettuce already had toppings like carrots and cabbage. Talk about making my life easier!


All I had to do was throw the chicken on the grill when I got home and turn it over a few times.

photo 2

The corn just needed to be boiled and it was amazingly sweet.

photo 3

The chicken turned out perfect. It was tender and juicy and the skin was crispy. Just the way I like it!

photo 5

I was able to  feed my whole family a fresh, wholesome, gluten-free meal that everyone loved.

photo 11

photo 22

Success! Smiling faces = a great dinner. Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market is the one stop shop for all your mealtime solutions. Don’t forget to visit the Fresh & Easy site to locate a store near you!

The Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is located in CA, AZ, and NV.

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51 thoughts on “It’s About Time Life Was Fresh And Easy”

  1. I have never been into a Fresh & Easy, but I LOVE that their products are free of the major icky ingredients. That’s fantastic! I’m not sure how common Fresh & Easy is in California, but when I move back to the bay area I will sure be looking for it! Thanks!

  2. This sounds so awesome! That’s great that they make shopping and meal prep easy and also use good ingredients. I wish we had one in my area!

  3. That is wonderful and I love that they have the USDA certified organic sandwiches and salads! I think one opened up a few minutes away from me. I’ll have to check it out! – Heather, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife

  4. Love that happy face. I know the challenges of having different dietary needs. My daughter became vegan before any of us did. I like the USDA certified organic meals – it makes such a difference in our bodies when we feed them right!

  5. I have such mixed feelings about this store. I want to love it. I go there for a few items…but always am disappointed by their lack of fresh organics. Their risotto rice is a great deal, and I’m a sucker for their mini red velvet cupcakes. :)

  6. Sounds like a lot of healthier options…I wish we had more ‘Ready to Cook’ selections in my local grocery store…I think it would encourage me to step outside of my box when preparing meals.

  7. Our local grocery store has a similar feature with pre-prackaged ready to cook meals all fresh like we make at home just cut down the prep time. It is a huge time saver for our family of six but it can be pretty spendy, it’s a trade off for sure!

  8. Wow interesting! That chicken looks really good. I don’t know if we have that around here anywhere or not but I am going to check!

  9. This store looks great and the food looks fresh and yummy and super convenient! Now if only they would come out to Massachusetts we’d be all set… or maybe I’ll need to move out west!

  10. we don’t have one near me or I would totally visit and check them out. It looks like they definitely simplify dinner!

  11. I can imagine ti’s and eating adventure in your home.

    I like the idea of purchasing seasoned meat. I have not done that before. I’ll have to look into this!!

  12. I’ve always been skeptical about the preseasoned meat, but this makes me want to try it. We are often in such a hurry after school. This would be a huge relief and a nice change from the drive-thru.


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