The Complete Foodie Guide To 2018 Boysenberry Festival

If you are as excited as I am for the Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm then buckle up and find your stretchy pants because this year the menu is bigger, better and stuffed with even more Boysenberry goodness. Here is everything you will need to know:

What new items are being offered this year?


So many new items are being introduced at this years Boysenberry festival. Your best bet is to get the tasting card so you can sample a little bit of everything. Some new foods you might see this year are:

  • Boysenberry Quesadilla
  • Boysenberry Pierogies
  • Slow cooked Boysenberry short ribs
  • Boysenberry Boba Tea
  • Boysenberry Elote (street corn)
  • Boysenberry Hummus
  • Boysenberry Coconut Macaroons
  • Boysenberry Mint soda
  • Boysenberry Ginger Ale
  • Boysenberry Bacon & Boysenberry Sriracha Bacon
  • Boysenberry Vanilla Coffee and Boysenberry Chocolate Swirl

Non perishable new items this year include:

  • Boysenberry bath and body line including soaps, salt soaks, bath bombs, lip balms (introducing three new flavors) and candles.
  • Knott’s sugar free boysenberry concentrate
  • Boysenberry chocolates including boysenberry versions of milk chocolate bars, truffles, caramel squares, peanut butter and jelly cups
  • Boysenberry Jelly Belly

 Boysenberry Novelty Items Offered Year-Round

Here is a list of novelty items you can find both in and around the park such as in the Marketplace. everything from spicy salsa to Boysenberry bath bombs!


Oh, and don’t forget about the Churro sundae. The churros are stuffed with Boysenberry filling and topped with Boysenberry ice cream, whipped cream and more Boysenberry sauce!



For more information visit The Boysenberry Festival on Facebook and Twitter.

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