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I love putting little suprises in the kids lunchboxes for school. I did it for my now teenage son when he was little and he is always used to come home and tell me how much he liked it. I used to smile right around lunchtime everyday knowing that my son was probably reading a note I left him.

Now that I have 2 more kids my mornings are busier so I can’t seem to find the time to do it but recently I cam across these cute Designer Lunchbox Notes from Amazon. They are the perfect size and have such cute little saying on them.

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  • UNIQUE GIFT – For parents of school children for when their child opens their Star Wars, Hello Kitty or Disney Frozen lunchboxes they will find a special note from them.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Some cards are patterned but blank in the middle for a hand written note from mom or dad to your special boy or girl. You can also write on the back. Printed on card stack for that purpose.
  • DOUBLE PACK OF CARDS – 2 packs of 27 cards for a total 54 cards will help you brighten your student’s day in their lunch box or bag with a special note.
  • 2×3 INCHES – small and compact to fit in lunchboxes or lunch bags or whatever lunch container your kid uses.
  • CARD STOCK – It is made of think card stock paper so make sure that if you have a cooler, insulated for hot or cold food, lunch bag or tin lunchbox that you seal up your bags because the paper will stain.

Where can I buy them?

You can purchase them on amazon right here.

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