Boogie Mist, Boogie Wipes and Puffs Fresh Faces: New products using old remedies


Have you ever tried to spray anything up a toddlers nose? It’s like trying to give a cat a bath! It is one of the most difficult things we as parents are expected to do. Which is why the makers of Boogie Mist and Boogie Wipes are slightly genius. They have made the nozzle (or “Schnozzle” as they like to call it) scented! It comes in 3 great scents: Great Grape, Fresh Scent, and Simply Unscented, for those more sensitive noses. The mist itself is a purified saline solution (no chemicals) and is not scented. The Boogie Wipes use the same saline used in the mist but in a wipe form and comes in easy to use packs or canisters. Boogie Mist and Boogie Wipes are made with saline to dissolve boogies (mucus) caused by the common cold, allergies or otherwise booger-filled kid moments. I had my 8 year old try the spray and he loved it! Cleared up his stuffy nose right away. My 2 year old was a bit more hesitant. I showed her the can and had her smell the shnozzle and she allowed me to spray it into one nostril. However the 2nd nostril was a bit more challenging. It was still difficult….but not AS difficult! She much prefered the wipes and kept asking for them after we were finished using them! Score one for the Boogie people!



I also received 2 samples of new Puffs Fresh Faces. Puffs Fresh Faces are patented and uniquely formulated with Natural saline, aloe, and Vitamin E for all your face has to face each day. Saline is a Natural way to help remove your makeup, wipe your nose, or freshen up after a workout or long day. So basically these are the adult version of Boogie Wipes! They come in 4 scents. Light Lavender, Fresh Scent, Fragrance Free and The Scent of Vicks. I tried the Scent of Vicks and the Fresh Scent. I used the Scent of Vicks for my nose, which was a little stuffy and the soothing Vicks aroma quickly unplugged my nose. I then used the Fresh Scent to remove my makeup. It did a decent job and did not leave my face feeling dry like a regular wipe would.

If you would like more information about Boogie Mist, Boogie Wipes or Puffs Fresh Faces then head on over to their websites and check them out!

Disclaimer: Sample products were given to me free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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