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Creative play is the most important way for children to learn. It’s no secret that creativity has been on the decline for quite sometime and it’s widely known that digital devices and screen time contribute to this. So when I heard about Big Box Play, this awesome new modular play structure that was customizable and similar to the forts that I used to create as a kid, I couldn’t wait to check it out!  How cool is it that each set can be configured to different shapes and sizes to fit your room?!?!

I remember as a kid dragging all of the sheets out of the closet and draping them over chairs and creating this amazing space that I loved to play in. I would bring in all of my stuffed animals, my blankets and a snack into my fort and wouldn’t come out until dinner! With Big Box Play your kids can do all of that without sheets!


Made from the strongest and most durable cardboard on the market, Big Boxes are meant to withstand rough and tumble play and are super easy to assemble. You can choose from two different themes ….Space Shuttle or Castle. Both themes come with interchangeable covers.




You will also be able to order a separate dry erase board that is perfect for doodling. I love that kids can use their imaginations to play and then translate that into a drawing!



While we were at the Big Box Play event we also had a chance to check out an amazing store in the Irvine Spectrum called Storymakery . Storymakery is a self-publishing web application designed uniquely for children.  The experience provides children the canvas and tools to create their stories, but also to introduce them to basic elements of character and story development.  At home, children can work with family members to design a character, write a story around their character and publish their own book.  Once the book is complete, families can easily order the printed book and share their children’s book via the Storymakery library with their friends and family


The Storymakery Factory in Irvine, California offers one-on-one creative writing support.  Children are inspired with ideas at the Imagination Forest. During an average 30 minute to one-hour visit, children will work with Stormakery’s Muse Staff to design a character, write a story, print a poster, and take home a book.


The employees will help set your child up onto a computer where they:

Step 1: Type their story
Step 2: Choose and design their main character
Step 3: Choose and design two supporting characters
Step 4: Finish/Watch Printing of their paperback book in the back of the store.

My daughter loved her book and sat on top of a Big Box to read it after it was printed!


Big Box Play will be launching their Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday.

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