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Do you know someone who is looking to break into the music industry both vocally and instrumentally? Whether you are looking to record a full length album, 3 song demo, a music video or a 30 second commerical spot, The Music Vault can help you. The Music Vault Academy in Laguna Hills is the place to go for professional recording studio services.  They have a private engineering and production studio, with state of the art equipment and professionally trained engineers.


Students who are serious about music need to prepare for high-stress performances and build up a portfolio of audio and video recordings that best represent their artistry. That is why we are providing state-of-the-art recording equipment, performance venue with instruments provided by the academy, and professional services from our music instructors and recording engineers.

We believe that students should be encouraged to make studio recordings and perform on stage for their continued growth as mature musicians. Our emphasis on applying students’ musical study in professional music-making outside of lessons is what makes our academy unique, successful, and competitive in Southern California.

Audition Recordings

Schools are looking for the best representation of who you are and Music Vault Academy’s audio/video recording services help you showcase yourself in the best possible way, so the schools you’re applying to can get the best and most accurate first impression of you.

Music Vault Academy has great recording space, professional gear and instruments (pianos, marimba), classically trained sound engineers, experienced accompanists, and video recording.

Audition Prep

We offer consulting sessions to specifically prepare students for any recital, competition or college audition.

Students will be able to perform on stage in a mock audition setting.  A panel of Music Vault Academy’s instructors will serve as mock judges and students will be given in-depth feedback on every aspect of their musicianship and performance

Portfolio Recordings

Any artist has to create a portfolio. But for music students, it can be difficult to collect work because much of what they do is not normally written down. Singing, playing instruments and improvising produces no tangible result that can be collected into a folder. Therefore, music students have to start recording themselves and building their own audio and video portfolios.

Music Vault Academy has a variety of services starting from simple to fully produced, radio-ready recordings.

Music Videos AND Samples

Some schools want video recordings. Or maybe you want to build your own YouTube channel. Music videos can be as simple as one camera, one angle to very complex. In both cases you need quality sound because that is what you are showcasing.

Music Vault Academy can help with all types of music videos while ensuring the quality of the recorded music.

Here are some samples of some music videos we have created for some of our students:

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