7 Things Not To Miss At Knott’s Merry Farm



7 Things Not To Miss At Knott’s Merry Farm

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is on it’s way with all the hot weather we have been having. But there s no denying it! Holiday cheer is filling the air at Knott’s Merry Farm. The park has been transformed to a festive and bright holiday amazement full of of shows, decor and delicious food! This year we saw some sights and tasted some bites that we didn’t see last year. It seems every year the event gets better and better. If you have plans to visit Knott’s Merry Farm in 2017, here are 7 must-see things!

Calico Carolers

Be transported back in time to a Victorian Christmas by the Calico Carolers, Knott’s own vocal quartet, as they perform the songs of the season throughout Ghost Town. The carolers have the neatest costumes and they sound fantastic. Stop by and take a few pics!

Snow and Glow

Every night during Merry Farm, when the sun sets on the Farm, the buildings, and paths in Ghost Town’s Main Street and School House Road are filled with glow and snow! Thousands of sparkling lights dance to the beat of “Let It Snow” while snow gently falls in this spectacular one-of-a-kind moment. Sounds of Frank Sinatra Float through the air while hundreds of children tilt their heads back in awe. It’s truly a sight to see!

Calico Saloon Christmas Show

This show is a hidden treasure! It was my first time seeing it and I could kick myself for not watching it in previous years. The energy is infectious and I love how the whole cast interacts in the show. Even the piano player. The costumes are elaborate and the dancers are so talented!

Calico Train

Take a relaxing train ride on an authentic Denver and Rio Grande Narrow Gauge train used in the early 1900s. It boasts the highest crime rate in all of Orange County, as notorious Ghost Town bandits still hold-up every departure from the Calico Square depot. The train is all decked out in red and green with beautiful wreaths! There is just something nostalgic

Snoopy Ice Show: Merry Christmas Snoopy

This show is my all time favorite thing to see every year at Knott’s! It is incredible and I always feel like I am going to see a broadway show. The skaters are magnificent and the character skate with such ease! Sadly, my favorite couple is not performing this year but there is a brand new couple and they are adorable! There are a few tricks in the show that will give you a fright. I don’t want to spoil it so you just have to see for yourselves!

It’s The Merriest Christmas Show Ever, Charlie Brown

Back again this year, It’s The Merriest Christmas Show Ever, Charlie Brown takes place at the new Calico Mine Stage. The Peanuts gang is at it again, this holiday season they have put on the greatest Christmas pageant ever with Charlie Brown directing, of course. The best part about this show is that the stage is HUGE and you will have a great view no matter where you are standing.


 Santa’s Christmas Cabin

This Cozy Cabin offers sweets and treats for everyone! Get hot chocolate, spiced nuts, chocolate dipped cheesecake, and more! Then get your picture taken with Santa. They do a wonderful job keeping the line moving and Santa is warm and friendly. For those who would like to enjoy an ice cold beer or a glass of white wine, just step outside and there is a bar with a nice variety of beer and wine. They even have boysenberry cider!

Be sure to try the Christmas Pizza this year. The Christmas Pizza, which can be found at Hollywood Hits, has soft dough covered with holiday toppings like sliced turkey, stuffing, turkey gravy and sweet cranberry sauce.

New offerings this year include hand-made chicken and beef tamales and Knott’s world-famous holiday treats including delectable homemade holiday churros can be found throughout the park.

Kids will also enjoy the cookie decorating workshop as well!

Take a picture with Santa and use it as your Christmas card to send out to friends and family!


BONUS:Christmas Crafts Village

Head over to Ghost Town to see it transformed into a shopping wonderland filled with dozens of local artisans selling their unique gifts. You can buy all sorts of cute crafts like custom ornaments, jewelry, wooden signs, makeup bags, hair bows, clothing and much more. You can even find yummy treats like mini lemon pound cakes and mini lemon gingerbread cookies.



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