7 Simple Spring Cleaning Hacks


7 Simple Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring cleaning is one of those things that people like to do once March rolls around. If you have a regular cleaning lady, spring cleaning isn’t too bad but if you don’t it can be a very daunting task. Here are 7 simple spring cleaning hacks that will make the job a lot easier.

Easy way to clean your washing machine


How to get Your Shower Doors Sparkling

twice-a-year-cleaning-secret-for-sparkling-shower-doors-05credit: AnnsEntitledLife.com

How to clean your microwave without scrubbing or chemicals

023655f60b7dd4cc7321f82f9b6ac85ccredit: simplystaci.net

How to clean your shower Head


How to spring clean your car

How-to-Spring-Clean-Your-Car-vCredit: Organized31.com

How to remove rust spots from knives

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How to fix carpet dents with ice

1451752999-1451584600-ice-carpet-trickcredit: countryliving.com


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