2 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Forgetful Minds- Keyz Pleez and The Phone Fetcher

I received a free phone Fetcher and Keyz Pleez to help facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

“Where are my keys”? “I can’t find my phone”! Those are 2 phrases you will hear uttered in my house on a daily basis several times a day. My friends actually joke with me that if my head wasn’t attached I would lose that too. It seems like I am always misplacing those 2 very important items and it is constantly making me late for appointments, carpool,  sports, etc.

However, last week I got a package in the mail with 2 really cool items to test out. One of them is called The Phone Fetcher.

pohne fetcher2



The Phone Fetcher is a super cute blinged out cord that you can attach to your phone so you don’t lose it. Finally,  there is a solution to missing calls through misplacing your phone or fumbling through your bag for it!

  • Simply clip one end to your bag, belt or loop then attach the other end to the 3.5mm headset/earphone outlet on your Smart phone or mobile device (good for iPhone, iPod, Android, Blackberry, MP3 & more)
  • A snug fit into headphone jack ensures your phone will not fall out – even in the most chaotic bag!
  • Never leave home without your phone again – if you release your phone, hang the cord so it’s visible then, when you grab your bag to leave, your cord will alert you whether you have your phone or not!
  • Available in 9 fun stretchy bungee cord colors, 9 beautiful bling crystal style colors and 3 classic chain styles.

phone fetcher

phone fetcher 3

This item has literally made my life so much easier. I don’t have to dig through the bottom of my bag any more or panic because I think I may have left it in a restaurant or in my car. For around $15 you can have some incredible peace of mind.

The other item I tried was called “Keys Pleez”.

keyzpleezThis cool contraption clips to your purse and then you clip your keys to the other end. Just tug on the cord when you want your keys and they come right out!

  • Easy to find your keys in you hand bag even at night, in the dark
  • Leave KeyzPleez hanging out of your bag to remind yourself you keys are not with you.
  • Stop leaving your keys behind!
  • A secure clip locks your keys to the end of the bungee but allows for quick removal


For more information visit https://www.keyzpleez.com/products.

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