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Last month while on vacation in Scottsdale, we stopped by to grab a quick bite to eat at YC’S Mongolian Grill. At this healthy Asian kitchen, you create your own stir-fry, selecting from the freshest and healthiest of stir-fry ingredients. YC’s Mongolian Grill encourages you to experiment with combinations of meats, vegetables, noodles, and sauces. Have a dietary restriction? No problem! YC’s Mongolian Grill caters to the hearty eater as well as the health conscious. Here you create your own stir-fry to fit your dietary requirements.

Step 1: Select your meat

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The first thing you do is choose from, chicken beef or pork. You can even combine them all.

Step 2: Add vegetables

Choose from Carrots, Zucchini, celery, bean sprouts, mushrooms, broccoli, pepper and onions.

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Step 3: Smoosh everything down and add Noodles

They have  soba noodles and rice noodles for anyone with an allergy.

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Step 4: Add your flavor/spiciness

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Black Bean

Brown sauce with chunks of black bean and garlic; bold and flavorful

Calcutta Curry

Tangy, spicy and sweet

Chef’s Favorite

A unique blend of sweet & sour and teriyaki; works well with a little chili oil and pineapple


A delicious mix of teriyaki and curry

Kung Pao

A peppery brown sauce

Layser’s Hot

Sweet & sour and Hunan blend; sweet and heat!

Mama Gemma’s Gourmet

A rich, bold, flavorful brown sauce; similar to beef & broccoli


A rich brown sauce that’s a little sweet

Step 5: Take it to the grill to be cooked

The chefs use only water and no oil so you get a clean delicious taste! Below is a video of all the steps in action:

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Step 6: Get some ice cream

YC’S has a soft serve machine for anyone after their meal. the ice cream is cold and refreshing.

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For more information visit YC’s Mongolian Grill on Facebook.

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