Walking With Dinosaurs – A Must See!

roar1Photo Credit: Patrick Murphy

Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular

If you have ever wondered what a dinosaur looked like up close and personal here is your chance! The hit show Walking with Dinosaurs is in SoCal at the Staples Center in Los Angeles from September 11th thru September 14th. I saw the show last week at the Honda Center in Anaheim and I was blown away at how spectacular the show was. Everything from the intricate detail of the dinosaurs to the vibrant colors of the scenery and foliage.

Walking With Dinosaurs is a 96 minute live theatrical show that is performed in two acts with an intermission. There are 20 dinosaurs and 10 separate species represented throughout the show. If you are a fact geek there are some incredible facts about the show that I will share with you towards the end of this post.

roar2Photo Credit: Patrick Murphy

The show is hosted by a Paleontologist named Huxley who takes you through the 200 million year journey describing the events and the dinosaurs is an actor. His script has been verified by real Paleontologists and approved by the BBC who produced the award-winning TV series “WALKING WITH DINOSAURS” on which the show is based.

Inflatable foliage would pop up and down several times during the show and you could hear Dinosaur sounds the entire time. Some were really loud and others were more subdued.

Allosaurus Credit David Scheinmann Photo Credit: David Scheinmann

The Narration is incredible and during the entire show you really feel like you were in the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic Period. I learned a lot of interesting things I didn’t know before the show. The Dinosaurs would sometimes stick their necks out into the audience and let our a huge roar. I loved hearing the kids squeal.

Here is some video I took.

 Facts about The Show

Each Large Dinosaur contains:

433 feet of hydraulic hose
971 feet of fabric
433 feet of foam
53 gallons of paint
7 kilowatts of power from 12 truck batteries
1094 yards of cabling in each body
24 microprocessors control movement along with 15 hydraulic rams and 6 hydraulic motors each

Each large dinosaur:

Weighs 1.6 tons a piece (standard family car)
Runs on 6 roller blade wheels

To operate one dinosaur, it takes a team of 3 people:

1 Driver
2 Voodoo Puppeteers
one operates head and tail gross motion;
the other is in charge of minor movements: mouth, blinking and roars

On the road…

It takes 27 – 53 foot semis (truck is 73 feet long with cabin) to move the whole production from one city to the next.

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