Unique Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Kids



Think outside of the candy box when it comes to your kids this Valentines Day. Do something fun with them that will create memories and leave them with fun stories to tell their friends! Here is a list of unique ways to celebrate Valentines Day with your kids.

  • Have Breakfast and Donuts in A Tent


Who says breakfast has to be eaten at the kitchen table? Your kids will have a blast eating delicious frosted Dunkin’ Donuts inside of a tent! There are four festive varieties of Valentine’s themed donuts to choose from:


  • Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Heart Donut – a heart-shaped donut with raspberry filling, frosted with chocolate icing and drizzled with strawberry-flavored icing.
  • Brownie Batter Crumble Heart Donut – a heart-shaped donut with brownie batter flavored buttercreme filling,  chocolate icing and sprinkled with brownie crumble.
  • Fudge Croissant Donut – Glazed croissant donut with decadent fudge filling, topped with chocolate and white icing drizzle.
  • Cupid’s Choice – a heart-shaped donut filled with Bavarian crème, topped with strawberry flavored icing and a festive mix of pink, white and red heart-shaped sprinkles.

Parents, don’t forget Coffee for you! Choose from Fudge Brownie Swirl or Vanilla Cupcake Swirl Flavored Coffee – available in hot or iced coffees, lattes and macchiatos. I have personally had the Fudge Brownie swirl and it was fantastic. To find a Dunkin’ Donuts location near you click here.

  • Go On A Valentine Nature Hike


Kids love to explore so how about a Valentine Nature hike where you have to find unique heart shaped objects such as leaves, clouds, rocks and more! Think of it as a scavenger hunt! You and the kids will spend quality time together outside in nature and you just may find an exciting new place. Don’t forget your camera!

  • Go Whale Watching

Whale watching is a great way to combines nature, adventure and a experience a potential glimpse of the biggest mammals on Earth. Kids will love the high speed boats that take them out to sea and chances are you’ll also get the opportunity to see pods of dolphin, sea lions, birds, sharks and other marine life. Your captain will be very knowledgeable and be able to tell you all about the different kinds of whales. Don’t forget a jacket and some quality Binoculars.


  • Take The Kids Pottery Painting

Pottery Painting is a great way to flex your creative muscle and have some fun. Most pottery places provide paints, brushes, expert assistance and anything else you need to let your inner artist out! Kids can choose from a variety of unique objects and themes and there are thousands of images you can use to design your piece any way you like. Pottery painting is a good activitiy because no matter your age or skill level, you’ll have a great time.


What are some other fun and unique ways you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids?

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