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Unique New Website Revolutionizing Babysitting

How many moms out there have not been on a date night with their husband because they don’t have a babysitter, cannot afford a babysitter or don’t have family nearby to help you? Don’t you wish you could trade babysitting services with another mom, someone who lived close by that you felt comfortable with? Well now you can because there is a new service about to launch called www.babysittingbarter.com. This service is a unique online platform that connects families with trustworthy babysitters while supporting local businesses. The beta website will officially launch on February 10, 2014, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Babysitting Barter revolutionizes the way we do babysitting, creating a win-win situation where parents, paid sitters and businesses benefit by using our service,” Brian Mannix, Founder and CEO of Babysitting Barter, said.


Babysitting Barter caters to parents by helping them find the perfect sitter for their family. Parents are able to form free cooperative villages to manage, schedule and trade babysitting with family and friends. They also have the option to connect with local paid sitters through the site’s Trustworthy Ties. “Today, most people looking for a sitter call or text a friend. With Babysitting Barter’s Trustworthy Ties, you can see what sitters your Facebook Friend’s are using and who they would recommend,” Mannix said.


Babysitting Barter also guarantees sitters the opportunity to make more money than any other babysitting service due to the site’s virtual economy. Babysitters who book online are paid once by the parent, and once again in a form of a “Barter Bonus.” The “Barter Bonus” is redeemable for cash, coupons or gift cards, much like airline reward points
“In addition, sitters earn a commission for every sitter they refer and for every sitter that their friends refer,” Mannix said. “There is no better way to empower women and enable them to acquire a consistent passive revenue stream.”


Babysitting Barter’s mission is to also support local businesses through the site’s free Event Calendar. Babysitters can post availability for local events, allowing parents to book them with one click and drive customers to Main Street mom and pop stores. In addition, the site features the Barter Business Network, where restaurants, retail and service industries can offer deep discounted coupons at no charge to the businesses.


Babysitting Barter was founded by Brian Mannix and Lauren Conlon with a mission to revolutionize babysitting. Babysitting Barter provides a safe and effective way to meet the needs of families, sitters, and businesses. For more information and to learn more about Babysitting Barter, visit www.babysittingbarter.com.

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