Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Predacons Rising

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Get your Holidays lists ready. This one will make a great stocking stuffer. From Hasbro comes the highly anticipated DVD release of Transformersd Prime: Beast Hunters Predacon Rising. This special CG animated action adventure takes place when a resurrected UNICRON has taken over the now-lifeless body of MEGATRON to seek vengeance on the AUTOBOTS and ultimately, the destruction of Cybertron.  This formidable enemy forces an unlikely alliance between the AUTOBOTS, DECEPTICONS, PREDAKING and two new PREDACONS, who come together in an epic battle to help protect their newly restored planet.

This 90-min epilogue to the final season delivers entertaining cinematic adventure the whole family will enjoy. The deluxe Blu-ray+DVD combo pack is priced at $24.97and $16.97 for the DVD.

This All-New Movie on DVD also includes 3 Collectible Trading Cards Inside! Plus there is a Bonus Feature – A Look Behind The Scenes


Here is a clip of Magnus VS. Predicons

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