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Who remembers Mikey Walsh in the unforgettable movie “The Goonies”? Well I am excited to share with you a new campaign that Sean has launched. He has created a new Political Radio/Video Talk Show called “Vox Populi”.  Sean and his team began the Political Radio/Video Talk Show May 3rd, 2012.  To Date they have streamed 31, Two Hour Long, Episodes Live on the ToadHopNetwork, {Radio Worth Watching}.

With virtually no actual dollars invested, they have managed to book National Caliber Guests, for example: U.S. House of Representative Members, & diverse high caliber influencers such as Noam Chomsky & Michael Medved. Everyday people from around the world, people with wildly divergent viewpoints on every topic listen and call in live to the show.  After an exhaustive trial period, they are now ready to Launch the Show as a viable competitor in the National Pundit Marketplace. With your help, they are “READY FOR PRIME TIME!!!” 

The show has a lot of heart, but now it’s time to give it some muscle. “We’ve past the viability test, now we are looking to you in the KickStarter community to help us deliver a bigger and more robust civic experience. Therefore, we are making the 1st Fully Produced Season of Vox Populi. ” says Astin.

“In order to do this, we need to have a more secure infrastructure in place.” The support funds will be used: First, to hire part time staff (Producer/Booker/Social Media staffer/Administrative Assistant). A single employee may assume more than one of these roles, for example the Producer may fulfill the Admin duties; 2nd, to purchase certain pieces of equipment necessary to insure the audio quality of the productions & the telephone technology to manage multiple callers in an efficient and elegant manner. The interest in the program has grown such than many members of the public call in, live, to the broadcast & managing that traffic is complex. Finally, the research required, the coordinating of guest schedules and the preparation of visual materials are time invested tasks requiring minor administrative, logistic and operational expenditures.

The funding sought is meant to immediately Produce a Full Season of the radio show. “We intend for the funds raised to secure a physical infrastructure, not only for this season, but as a strong foundation for the show going forward.” said Astin.

Please take a moment to watch this short clip of Sean talking about his project. If  you are interested in supporting Sean and his campaign please visit the widget on the side of this page and donate. And be sure to follow him on Twitter as @SeanAstin and the campaign using #StartTheVox

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