Review: Peeps Christmas Collection


All products were graciously donated by Just Born Inc for this taste test. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I was asked if I wanted to do this assignment I jumped at the chance. I am what you call a Peep connoisseur. I love Peeps! Since I was a kid I have always loved a good Peep. I have joined the Fan Club, I have a personal ID and password when you go to the Peeps website ( and I have participated in Peep Jousting (Google it!). This assignment had my name written all over it!


I was asked to try their Christmas line. Now as a Peep Connoisseur I also consider myself a Peep Purist meaning I am dedicated to the original Peep Bunny and Chick. As I was given these new items to try I was skeptical about how it would turn out. I knew I would like the Snowman and Tree as they are the original formula but I was unsure about the rest. I decided to leave my favorite Tree and Snowman until the end and start with the unknown.


The first one I tried was the Candy Cane Flavored chicks dipped in chocolate. I opened the package and immediately smelled the peppermint aroma come wafting out of the bag. The marshmallow was super soft and just the bottom was dipped in chocolate. I took a bite and my whole mouth filled with a yummy candy cane flavor with a bit of chocolate. It was one of the most scrumptious things I have ever tried!


I then tried the Gingerbread men which are also Gingerbread flavored. Again I opened up the package and noticed the aroma of a gingerbread cookie tickling my nose. Once again the marshmallow was soft and as I bit into it the flavor of gingerbread was wonderful on my tongue! I know I had a lot more to try but I could not resist and I popped another one of these delicious men into my mouth!


My next sample was the Chocolate covered Marshmallow Tree. They come in 2 varieties: Milk Chocolate covered Mint and Dark Chocolate covered Mint. They come wrapped in a tin foil bag so you can’t see what the actual product looks like until you open it. When I opened the bag I noticed what looked to be a tree covered in chocolate. I took a bite and bit down through a layer of chocolate into a minty green marshmallow. This candy was very good however it was not very “Peepy”. Like I said before I am a Peep Purist and this candy, although very good, went against my Peep standards. Still something I would eat because it was delicious but not what I would classify as a Peep.


I then tried the Peppermint flavored Star Peeps. The minute you open the package you can smell the peppermint and of course the marshmallow was soft to bite into. The peppermint flavor burst into my mouth and my breath was candy cane fresh after I ate it! These not only were Peeps but breath fresheners as well! It’s a two-fer!!


Next were the Peeps on a stick. Their original Peeps chicks decked out in holiday colors loaded onto a stick. Perfect for eating on the go! This was also the one that my kids wanted to try because it looked fun. We all shared this scrumptious treat and we all loved it!


The final product was my beloved original Peeps. These were the Snowman and Christmas Tree in the original marshmallow flavor. Now because I am a Peep Connoisseur I have a specific way of eating these Peeps. I open the package (just a corner!) and let them sit out for a few days. This makes them not as soft on the outside but still soft in the middle. My favorite way to eat a Peep…..and they did not disappoint! They were fantastically perfect on the outside and still soft as a marshmallow on the inside!


All in all this assignment was one of my favorites! I really liked all the candy (even if one wasn’t so peep-like) and would highly recommend these to anyone looking to fill a stocking at Christmas. These Peeps are Gluten Free and will last a long time even if they are left out of the package. If you want to sign up to get recipes using Peeps and all the latest news on Peeps go to their website and sign up!

You can also visit Peeps on Facebook and on Twitter.

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