Review: The Car Cache

 The Car Cache

If you are like me, when you get into your car, you just throw your purse onto the floorboard of the passenger side or the back seat. Then, if for any reason you need something that is in your purse, it is out of reach. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product out there that would allow us women to have easier access to our purses?  Well now there is and it is called “The  Car Cache“. The genius behind the Car Cache is that it allows for your purse to be located conveniently between the front seats.

car cache1

It’s like a safety net for your purse! And with its sleek black color it will match any interior.

car cache2

The Car Cache is simple to install. Simply lift open your center console, put the drawstring around the lid and tighten. Next attached the clips to the bars beneath the head rests on either side. Finally you can adjust the top straps to allow more or less length to allow for wider front seats or smaller/larger purses/bags.

car cache3

And here you go, your purse is now safely between the front seats. Accessible when needed.

car cache4

The Car Cache could be handy for a variety of things besides a purse/bag: You could keep a box of tissue handy during flu/cold/allergy season or snacks on a road trip. I am looking forward to using the Car Cache more.

Story by Ariella Philpott

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