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Growing up in my teen years I can always remember my parents kvetching about growing older. It was a very difficult path for both of them and they fought it until the very end. Neither one of them were in good shape and their bodies just couldn’t keep up. But why were they so afraid of aging? You feel wiser, you feel more mature, you feel like you know yourself better. Why did they want to trader all that for softer skin? Well, now I get it. It was because of the pain.

As a mom in her early 40s who has been dealing with back and hip issues, dealing with every day pain is daunting. When you feel like you have tried everything and the pain still shows up on the daily…..well, that can make anyone fear the aging process. What I have learned is that as the cartilage that cushions your joints naturally deteriorates over time, and the discs that cushion the vertebrae in your spine lose water and become thinner some pain can begin to set in. However, aging creates a double whammy when you add chronic pain to the mix.


I see my chiropractor twice a week and I am in physical therapy twice a week but I was not getting any relief. So I started taking Ostinol Insta joint combined with Tricalcidin-3, a premium calcium supplement. I started with two capsules, twice a day (four capsules per day) for 3–5 days, and then decreased to 1–2 capsules, once or twice a day as needed. It’s been about 2-3 weeks and I am starting to notice some improved mobility in my back. When I get out of bed I am hardly wincing in pain and my daily walks around the lake are way more tolerable.

I have also noticed that since I started taking Ostinol that I no longer having to take 3 ibuprofins anymore.  This is huge because they used to upset my stomach. However, I think what impressed me the most is that I didn’t even have to say I was feeling better in order for someone to notice. My husband commented a few days ago that I haven’t mention low back pain to him in days and that he noticed I was moving better. I am walking with more ease and not limping. I call that a win! The pills are easy to swallow and don’t leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth.


Is it Safe?

I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to health care products. However, I did some research and found out that Ostinol®’s all-natural patented ingredient Cyplexinol® is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, under cGMP guidelines, and is derived from a non-GMO, certified organic source in the USA. Clinical studies reported a significant increase in quality of life with 90% of subjects reporting improvement by end of study.


There are 60 capsules in 1 bottle and the cost is $135



• Ostinol Insta Joint helps support the body’s ability to grow new cartilage tissue for additional nutrients to nourish and lubricate.

• Ostinol Insta Joint is all natural, safe, and effective; it is also non-GMO, gluten free, and grain free.

• Its patented key ingredient, Cyplexinol, is a 100% natural protein complex that’s sourced from USDA Certified organic bovine bone.

• Cyplexinol belongs to a unique class of proteins backed by 50 years of scientific and medical research.

• Ostinol has over 10 years of clinical success as a natural supplement supporting great bone and joint health.*

• Ostinol products are made in the United States.

• Ostinol Insta Joint retails for $135 for a 60-capsule bottle.

• Ostinol brand products range from $45/month to $135/month. Where to purchase You can purchase Ostinol Insta Joint at (Ostinol products are also currently sold by chiropractors and naturopathic doctors.)



Being able to keep up with my family is priceless. I love being a part of their circle and now that I am feeling betterI just want to keep pushing myself even harder. I am so glad Ostinol is there for me!

Did you know?

The protein complex that powers the entire Ostinol brand of products belongs to the same class of proteins traditionally used by orthopedic surgeons to regrow bone and cartilage tissue post-operatively—now that’s powerful!

Where to Purchase

You can purchase Ostinol Insta Joint at (Ostinol products are also currently sold by chiropractors and naturopathic doctors.)

Discount Code

Save 30% on each bottle of Ostinol Insta Joint (limit 5) on with promo code MM30. Offer is valid until 9/1/21.

Disclaimer: While people with severe joint conditions have reported great response with our products, Ostinol is a natural supplement and cannot encourage discussion that would imply treating, preventing, or curing any disease.

For more information please visit Ostinol on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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