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It’s been almost a full year since we put our beloved Golden Retriever to sleep. He was really something special because he was a release dog from a program called “canine companions for independence”. As a matter of fact his sister named Trixie used to be owned by famous author Dean Koontz

Dogs have always been a huge part of my life and I have always expressed to my kids to be kind to animals. Recently I came across a really cute stuffed animal called “Jingles”. She is part of an organization called ResCUTE. OPERATION ResCUTE is intended to educate and encourage the next generation of young readers to think about adopting shelter dogs in need of loving homes.

By purchasing Jingles 100% of the author’s profits get donated to help rescue animals get adopted. She comes is a really cute box with a glass panel, tags and a book telling her story.

PicMonkey Collage

 The Story of Jingles is based on a true story about a sweet, homeless puppy who started out on the streets of New York City. Her story shows the resilience and hopefulness that can make dreams come true! You and your child will enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations that Jingles encounters on her way to finding the meaning of true happiness.

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The pages are beautifully illustrated and easy to follow along. My daughter got really into the story and held jingles the whole time we read the story. She even takes her to sleep at night.


Operation ResCUTE and Jingles is the perfect holiday gift to give this season. Jingles and her story are available on Amazon for only $29.99. You can buy her here.


For more information visit Jingles web site and learn all about adopting shelter dogs. You can also visit her on Facebook and on Twitter.


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