Mummies Of The World: Suggestions for Visiting With A Child Part 2 of 3

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Since Young children may be frightened by the Mummies Here are a few tips suggested by American Exhibits that may help:

You will see real mummified bodies.
Mummies of the World is an exhibition of real human bodies and some animal bodies that have been preserved through mummification. Mummification occurs after the person is dead and is an interruption of the normal process of decomposition.

What is a mummy?
Mummification is a process where the soft tissues of dead bodies are preserved. Soft tissues are those parts of an organism that usually decay soon after death: skin, muscle, internal organs, hair and nails. Preserved bones and teeth without soft tissue are not mummified remains.

What’s it all about?
The exhibition is designed to teach us how mummies are created through natural processes and through ritual practices. You will learn that mummification has occurred throughout history in cultures and environments worldwide. Through hands-on exhibits and by viewing real mummies, you will discover how current science tools enable us to study mummies without unwrapping them or otherwise damaging them. Each of the mummies on display has been recently studied with some of the latest science technology, so that we may find out new information about them. Studying mummies provides insight into ancient peoples, environments and civilizations.

Where do these mummies come from?
The mummies on display were found in countries all over the world and have been taken care of in European museums for more than 100 years. The museums have loaned the mummies to this exhibition so that everyone can learn from them.

We strongly suggest that you discuss the exhibit with your child.
American Exhibitions, Inc. suggests that you discuss the contents of the exhibit with your child before visiting. In particular, remind your child that the mummies are no longer living. They were once real people, but they don’t look like everyday people now because the mummification process alters the way they look in many ways. You may see mummies with their mouths open. This is because of the drying process; it is not the position they were in when they died. The bodies are rigid and will not move. Please review the exhibit brochure or go online to for more details.

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