Meet Priscilla!


Happy Hump Day everyone!. Today I am so excited to introduce you to Priscilla, a new contributing writer for Family Review Guide!

I had Priscilla fill out a fun questionnaire to get to know her better.

Here is what she wrote…

Family Info

Where were you born?  

National City, California (San Diego area!)

What’s your sign?


How many kids? Ages?

One 16 month old cute boy :)

What do you love most about family living in Las Vegas?

 I love the city life when we go downtown for great shopping areas and dining and the fact that I can keep a quiet daily life in the suburbs. Best of both worlds :)

What is your line of work?

 I’m a professional portrait and wedding photographer. I run Priscilla Davis Studio.

What is your degree in?

Communications: New Media and Design (a bit of journalism, photography and graphic design!)

How long have you been married?

4 years



Fun Stuff

What was your favorite job that you have ever had?

 What I am right now! I LOVE being a photographer. If you count my $10 a week, I also used to be a cheerleading coach for a jr. high when I was 14 :) 

What is your biggest pet peeve?

 People using technology in inappropriate places/times. It’s just not good manners to text during a performance or movie!

What is your favorite food?  


What is your least favorite food?


If you could visit any place in the world where would you go?

 Egypt…it fascinates me

How did you meet your husband?

 In Jr. High! Really long story about how he didn’t even know I existed and a few years later in high school he asked me, “Where did you go to middle school?” Oh sad! Glad we became high school sweethearts though!

 Have you ever met a celebrity in Las Vegas?

Not really :( but when I met Zach & Jody Gray (famous photographers) I felt star struck! 

How would people describe your personality?

 I’m really still a kid at heart and you can find me dancing around with my family and doing silly things to make people smile. I love to have fun.

Where is the prettiest place you have ever done a photo shoot?

A bridal shoot in Lake Las Vegas…my bride make it the prettiest place even prettier!

On Parenting

What are some thing you swore you would never do as a parent that you ended up doing anyway?

 Watching TV under two years old haha I read about the effects of TV and such but I actually love a little cuddle time on the couch!

What’s your favorite places to take your kids to in Las Vegas?

 Wet n’ Wild! Newly opened!

What’s the best parenting advice you ever received?

 Enjoy every little bit you can. The dishes can wait!

If you could give one piece of advice to parents on taking quality photographs of their children what would it be?

 Look at the light!!! Don’t face the sun directly or you’ll get squinting eyes. Go to a shaded area to avoid harsh mid day sun shadows. Shooting with the sun behind your subject is magical :)


Welcome Priscilla!

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