Guide To Halloween Horror Nights

8 Tips For Halloween Horror Nights

  1. Arrive Early! Gates to HHN ticket holders open 5:30 . Take into consideration parking and walking through Citywalk. That all takes time.
  2. You do not have to rush to the opening show. It takes place every 45 mins
  3. Start at lower lot and work upwards.
  4. Make sure you get on the terror Tram before 9pm
  5. Get the Espress tickets. Maze lines get long,  and express lane is worth it/
  6. You can save the Jabbawockeez for last. Their last show is at 1:30 am.
  7. If you have a valid annual pass, use it day of for extra early entry (2pm) & enjoy some food & drinks
  8.  THE BIGGEST TIP OF THE NIGHT IS TO TURN OFF YOUR AIR DROP! You will be bombarded with vulgar pics if you do not.

Types of Admission

There are 6 different admission choices when it comes to Halloween Horror Nights. If you are only attending 1 night, I absolutely recommend you spend the extra money on an express pass. In my opinion only, There is quite literally no other way to enjoy HHN and get everything done in one night. Without it you will spend 1.5-2 hours in line PER Maze which means  you peobably will not get all the mazes in or you will have to miss a show, or food, or scare zones.  Here are the op

  • Halloween Horror Nights General Admission – $72 – $102. Save up to $40 on select nights when you buy online!
  • Halloween Horror Nights Universal Express – $199 – $329. Enjoy one (1) admission to Halloween Horror Nights and one-time express access to each house/ride/attraction.
  • Halloween Horror Nights Universal Express Unlimited – $239 – $369. Enjoy one (1) admission to Halloween Horror Nights and unlimited express access (per day) to each house/ride/attraction.
  • Halloween Horror Nights After 2 PM Day/Night – $112 – $152. Enjoy After 2:00 p.m. Daytime General Admission to the Park and same-day evening admission to Halloween Horror Nights.
  • Halloween Horror Nights After 2 PM Day/Night Universal Express – $249 – $389. Enjoy After 2 p.m. Daytime General Admission to the Park and same-day evening admission to Halloween Horror Nights. Ticket includes one-time express access to each ride, attraction and seated show during the day PLUS one-time express access to each house/ride/attraction during Halloween Horror Nights.
  • Halloween Horror Nights R.I.P. Tour – $339 – $469. Exclusive guided VIP tour, plus Unlimited Universal Express & more



The Weekend: After Hours

You love his music, but can you survive his mind? The Weeknd is about to stalk your squad through this haunted house, a surreal living nightmare from his After Hours videos. His nightmare is now yours.


Silent. Merciless. Relentless. There’s nobody like Michael Myers. And if your scream squad is ready, this year, you can gather together and face the terror of Halloween from the very beginning.

The Horrors of Blumhouse

Get ready for a bloodcurdling new double feature of Blumhouse horror as your scream squad faces a ruthless serial killer in Freaky and an evil kidnapper in the relentlessly terrifying The Black Phone.

Universal Monsters: Legends Collide

If you thought one Universal Monster was scary, how about three? Summon your scream squad, ‘cause you’re about to get caught between The Wolf Man, Dracula and The Mummy, together for the first time.
Iconic monster movie characters Dracula, The Wolf Man and The Mummy surrounded by hieroglyphics with the Universal Monsters: Legends Collide logo.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

There’s nothing funny about these Killer Klowns who’re back to make gooey, out of this world snacks out of you and your scream squad. If ever there’s a reason people are afraid of clowns, this is it.

La Llorona: The Weeping Woman

You and your scream squad remember the tale of the woman who drowned her children and then herself. Once a childhood fable, she’s back to terrify once again. This is no nightmare. This is La Llorona.

Scarecrow: The Reaping

At an abandoned Depression-era farm, vengeance takes root. The scarecrows are avenging the ravaged land. In this all-new haunted house, the only harvest that will be reaped is your scream squad.

Universal Horror Hotel

A 1920s Hollywood hotel, once the hunting ground of its infamous serial killer owner, has been turned into a modern-day haunted hotel. Now he’s back from the dead. Your first stay will be your last.

Terror Tram

Terror Tram is back and taking a disturbing new turn, ending with a walk-through visit into the world of Jordan Peele’s films Us and NOPE.

Sinister Scare Zones

You’ll be just as scared on our streets as our scareactors stalk you through scare zones.
Tip: If you show the monsters you are scared they will come at you hard!


Don’t miss the Jabawockees returning to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. They have an all-new show featuring their unique mix of dance, special effects, music and humor.  This is a high-energy live show with gravity-defying choreography, stunning special effects, heavy-hitting music, and of course their iconic masks.

Food At HHN

Tip: If you can get into the park early, eat first. This will eliminate any time standing around that you will need for Mazes if you have general admission.  Or if you know of a friend who is inside the  park before you see if they can order your food for you in advance.

Guests can feed their fear at select dining locations during Universal Halloween Horror Nights. A few things I tried over the weekend were a Lime Margarita.

A giant Turkey Leg

Birria Tacos and Chicken Tacos.

Tip: You cannot bring any water into the park, however, you can bring an EMPTY water bottle in .

For more information visit HHN on Facebook and Instagram.

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