Fun Family Rituals You Can Start Doing Today


Do you have any rituals that you do with your kids that your own mom used to do with you? We have a silly ritual in our house that I have been doing since my oldest son was born and it involves the dryer. Every night when one of my boys take a shower I throw their towel in the dryer and get it toasty hot so that when they get out they have a warm towel to wrap around their cold wet bodies. They love hot towels so much that when ever I take a load of laundry out of the dryer they beg me to throw it on top of them.


Here is a list of some fun family rituals you can start incorporating into your routine today!

  1. Make S’mores in the fireplace
  2. Take the kids bowling in their pajamas
  3. Drive to the closest airport and find an area where you can watch planes take off and land.
  4. The night before your child’s birthday fill their room up with dozens of helium balloons so they get a surprise when they wake up.
  5. Have breakfast for dinner once a week
  6. Play music while you cook. When a good song comes on yell “Dance Break” and  start dancing around in the kitchen.
  7. Rent an inflatable movie screen and have a movie night in your backyard. This is great for Holidays.
  8. Take the kids out for a family drive to look at all the light in the neighborhood during Christmas.
  9. Speaking of Christmas, make it a tradition to have lasagna on Christmas/Eve instead of a ham.
  10. Start “Snuggle Sunday”. Every Sunday morning have everyone snuggle in your bed before going downstairs.
  11. Set a tent up in the living room on birthdays and watch a movie from inside the tent. Kids love this!
  12. Start “Fondue Fridays”

What is your favorite family ritual?

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