Angry Birds Birthday Party

I just love throwing birthday parties! I get so much inspiration from pinterest and even from my kids. 2 years ago  my son wanted an angry birds birthday party so I did some research but there was hardly anything angry birds merchadise out there. So, I used the power of the internet and came up with some super fun ideas.

First I went here and printed out some cute banners to hang on my fireplace. We had a scavenger hunt with eggs so I places a few extra eggs near the birds.  Then I went here and printed out some faces for the balloons.


I even made some king pigs and hung them from the ceiling.


For Place holders I bought some little birds nests off the intenet and placed some robins eggs in them and glued the face of some angry birds on some card stock. I found the faces for the birds on Etsy.


Then I bought some poms poms at Michaels, some googly eyes, and some felt and made a few angry birds. The I bought chocolate covered peanuts and placed a few of the birds in some ramikens with the peanuts to look like bird droppings. (Gross but the boys loved it)


I even bought some unpainted bird houses that resembles castles and painted them myself. I put a few more of my pom pom birds on them.



For dessert we made angry bird cupcakes. Just make any cupcake you want, use food coloring to get the desired colored frosting you want and then buy sugar crystals to cover the frosting. You will have to use a lot of the sugar crystals and keep in mind these cupcakes are very time consuming.. Here are the ingredients you will need:

  • Orange sugar slices for the beaks cut in thirds.
  • Black Gel for the pupils and pig nose.
  • Mini marshmallows for the eyeballs and pig teeth.
  • Large marshmallows for the bellies of the red and blue birds and for the pig snout.
  • Black licorice for the eyebrows. You will need to cut them thin to create the “angry” effect.
  • Food color in red, blue, yellow and green. I used gel food coloring for give me a deeper color.
  • Tub of frosting {I used two tubs for two boxes of cupcakes}.
  • 2 boxes of cupcake mix.
  • green jelly beans
  1. Dip cupcake in sprinkles {it’s a lot easier and less messy} until the cupcake is fully covered.
  2. Cut a small marshmallow in half and stick them in the frosting as eyes. TIP: I added a little bit of frosting to the back side of the marshmallow to make it stick better.
  3. Add black gel to center of marshmallow to create eyes.
  4. Put the black licorice over the eyes to create an “angry” effect.
  5. Take a large marshmallow, cut into thirds, flatten and add to bottom of cupcake as a belly.



I used green jelly beans over the pigs eyes.


We even had a face painted some to paint angry birds on the kids.


For place settings I bought some card stock at Michael’s and placed the birds nest inside the plate. Cute and simple.


For games I put up a white plastic garbage bag on our fence with a picture of king pig on it and had all the kids throw water balloons at it. So fun! It was a great day!

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