Police Birthday Party for 4 Year Old Boy


Police Birthday Party for 4 Year Old Boy

As the mom of 2 boys with birthdays very close together I am always on the lookout for cute and unique party ideas. I love to decorate and love themed parties. I try to tie everything together even right down to the food. Recently, I came across an adorable Police Themed Party from Stepahnie over at Spaceships and Laserbeams.

Below are some fabulous photos from Stephanies party and her recap as well.

One of the games little guys like to play is good guy/bad guy—so a Cops and Robbers themed party seemed like a great idea for my four-year-old’s birthday. Party decorations, birthday cake, games and a fun photo booth came together just as I had envisioned. The Cops and Robbers collection images are more comical than scary so I was comfortable the kids would not be dealing with fear in their imaginative play. When the party was over my Sam declared, “It was awesome Mommy,” so I took that as an endorsement of my efforts!


For the dessert table backdrop I used enlarged versions of our decorative paper and a cropped thank-you card picture of the cop and robber (that poster now hangs in Sam’s playroom). Those images were repeated throughout the party, including on the cake and cake pops. Samantha, of Evie and Mallow, made the awesome cake-pops and perfectly captured the cop and robber personas.


There were vanilla cupcakes in police car wraps and chocolate cupcakes in the robber’s getaway car. Of course there had to be doughnuts for police! Cop Corn (popcorn), Heist Cakes (rice cakes) and yogurt covered nuts rounded out the treats.



Since I used jailbird stripes on the beverage table, I only used the cop straw medallions and water bottle wraps in blue.

PicMonkey Collage

Pint-sized party guests played Handcuff Toss; it was an easy DIY game. I cut out a number of the robber images from party medallions and had them hidden around the yard so kids could play Capture the Robber. There was also a mock police line-up that we used for a fun photo booth.


The kids received a printable police visor and an official looking Certificate of Completion for “strength in body, wisdom in mind and courage in character”. In addition there was a police kit favor bag with an ID badge, a moustache, aviator style sunglasses, a memo pad personalized with a 2” decal, a mini lock and key set and a magnifying glass. The boys also received a toy police car; the girls took home the evidence, aka jewelry. They all went home with a stuffed animal police dog of their choosing, too.


This was a fun party to put together!  It felt successful because it was stylish but it didn’t break the bank and I love it when there are imaginative play opportunities for all of the birthday party guests. Mission accomplished at this celebration!

Vendor Credits:

Printables: Spaceships and Laser Beams Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/spaceshipslaserbeams
Cake Pops: Evie and Mallow: http://www.evieandmallow.com/

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