K’NEX Force Mega Boom Building Set


K’NEX Force Mega Boom Building Set




There are only 46 more days left until Christmas, but don’t worry because I am about to help you cross off one gift on your Christmas list!

The KNEX Mega Boom building set, made for kids ages 8+, is the perfect gift for any child who is into building and creating.This set allows children to build 6 different blaster and target models in one set, including the double chamber Mega Boom blaster! It fires up to 75 feet and comes in a bright blue color. The set includes K’NEX rods and connectors, plus special parts to create customized blasters: 2 blaster chambers, 3 skull dart holders, 2 quick fit grips, 2 preload rings and 7 foam darts. In addition to the main Mega Boom blaster, you can download instructions for 5 alternate blasters and buildable targets. It is compatible with the entire K-FORCE Build and Blast line.


The instructions are easy to follow but be prepared for this to take half a day to a day to build. It starts off looking fairly small, however, the more pieces that are added the more impressive this toy looks.There are a lot of parts, and it’s more complicated than a lego, but it is very sturdy.


The pictures are clear and detailed and I recommend letting your child assemble it rather than you. My son was extremely proud of himself when he finished and couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day. I had no idea it would be such a great confidence builder for him.


My son tried the blaster once it was finished and we found the darts to fly straight and true and fly at a pretty good rate of speed. You can use this in a long hallway, outside, or anywhere that has a lot of space

Here are the downloadable instructions to build different target models.


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